The Process


We will schedule a time we can sit down and look over the tattoo(s) you are hoping to lighten/remove. We will go over details such as the age of the tattoo, where it was done, and how many sessions it may take to accomplish your goal.


We will then schedule our first removal session. Appointments are a minimum of 4 weeks apart. Ethically, this allows the laser treatment to run it’s full course. Removal takes time.

Full Removal or Lightening

The laser removes ink lymphatically, flushing the ink out of your body. It is important to us that we avoid scarring and take the proper time that it takes to remove something that was originally intended to be permanent.

(optional) Cover-up

Once your tattoo has been lightened we offer cover-ups by Marked Artists.

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Undoo Tattoo is conveniently located inside Marked Studios on Moana Lane just east of Lakeside Drive in the Moana West Shopping Center. We have designed an innovative and meticulously clean and sterile studio, yet beautifully married to style and comfort, talent and technique.

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